Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alaska Bear Story Number Three: Saturday Night Live

Recently, Saturday Night Live did a brilliant skit about a horde of New York Times reporters headed north to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin. One of the gags was that, of the horde of reporters, only one of them had ever been off the island of Manhattan. (When he missed his subway stop and ended up in Queens.)

The first question they ask is if they are likely to be attacked by a polar bear. The former Anchorage intern informs them that bears are native to lands 700 miles to the north. When he learned that Anchorage did not have Thai stir fry, half of them quit the mission. Upon learning that most Anchorage restaurants don’t have restrooms for preop transsexuals, even more left. The last gag was when one asked if, due to the four-hour time gap between New York and Alaska, he wanted to meet with two different psychiatrists in Alaska. The former intern with the Anchorage Daily News announces there is only one psychiatrist in the state.

The punchline to the SNL sketch is that one of the writers is mauled by a polar bear while driving a snow machine.

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