Friday, June 3, 2011

Herman Cain

One of the differences between the American political system and countries with a strictly parliamentary system is that here individual candidates have a great deal more power than the party leadership. The result of this is that a candidate can seemingly come of nowhere to seek the party nomination for President (as did Carter in '76 and Ike in '52).

This year's surprise just might be Herman Cain, who, in recent polls, is very close to 2nd place in the Republican field. (After the early primaries, it is usually the top two vote-getters who battle for the nomination.) Mr. Cain gave a good account of himself in the 1st debate, has a more extensive background in business than any candidate we've had in recent decades, and is, in my opinion, certainly not the *worst* candidate running. And he certainly knows how to make a good pizza.

I also think it is pretty hilarious that some people are referring to him as a "dark horse" candidate. (A recent poll of black lawyers in the Franklin County courthouse finds that 100% of them think that is just plain funny. So anybody tempted to give a PC speech, lighten up!)

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