Monday, September 8, 2008

Sherwood Forest Wildlife Management

It is always interesting and fun to get an Englishman's opinion on American events. (I hope I'm keeping you well-supplied with stories to share with you friends. Am I correct in assuming I'm the only person you know who has spent five years in Alaska? And I've been to Wasilla (Sarah Palin's hometown); very nice place, incidentally.)

Governor Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee for Vice President (interesting aspect of American Constitutional law--you get a chance to be the political equivalent of the Prince of Wales for four years, renewable for another four years) and she has made a bigger splash than any VP nominee in my memory (which goes back to 1960), and probably EVER. While some Democrats have the good grace to simply concede that she is a strong candidate and will be a formidable addition to the Republican ticket, a great many others are really desperate to come up with ANYTHING to discredit her.

One of my favorites is that while she advocates the reduction of Federal spending, but both as mayor of Wasilla, and as Governor of Alaska, she pulled in really big bucks from the Federal government in the form of grants, which is entirely true. So they call her a hypocrite. This is a word that Democrats think they own. However, wouldn't any educated Englishman know that long before America's Founding Fathers were even born, long before Columbus sailed the Ocean blue back in 1492, long before Henry VIII, VII, VI, V, IV...clear back in the days of Richard the Lion-Hearted MORE THAN *800* YEARS AGO- when Robin Hood and Little John were running around in Sherwood Forest. Even then, wasn't it accepted wisdom, and common knowledge that the best gamekeeper is............................................ a reformed poacher?


P.S. That sound you hear in the background is howls from riled Democrats.

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