Friday, October 24, 2008

Meeting Senator Gore

When I was on my way to my very first assignment as a PACE Professor in early November 1988, I got onboard a flight to London (where I would catch a flight to Bahrain, and get onboard the USS Josephus Daniels). Who did I see but Senator Al Gore and his wife Tipper. (As I recall, Gore as on his way to give a speech at the Oxford Union.) Before I took my seat, I stepped over to the Senator, told him that I thought he'd run a good campaign and that the Democrats would have done a lot better if he'd been on the ticket. He smiled at that. Then I complimented Tipper on the work she'd done restricting youth from hearing profane record lyrics, and then I managed to shut up and take my seat. End of story.

That much is the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth. I like to *imagine* that about 3 years and 8 months later, when Bill Clinton on the Democratic nomination, Senator Gore called him up, and said, "Congratulations on winning the nomination, Bill. But Kent Mitchell says, "you'll do better with me as your VP."

He would reply, "Well, if Kent Mitchell says so..."

I can't prove that theory, but I will point out that Al Gore was on the Democratic ticket for the next three Presidential elections after 1988, and in all three the Dems did better than they did with Dukakis/Bentsen.


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