Friday, October 24, 2008

Spreading it Around

On November 30, 2003, I helped my Greataunt Hazel Blecha celebrate her 109th birthday. I had a great visiting with my second cousins, and saw some really interesting places in Des Moines, Iowa. (Yes, Des Moines, Iowa. Who knew?) When it came time to leave, it occurred to me that there was a very real chance I would never see her again, so I decided to give her a really great goodbye. (Greataunt Hazel managed to surprise me, her doctors and just about everybody else by sticking around for another 2 years and 11 months.) She was in a wheelchair in the dayroom of the Assisted Care Facility she was living in, so I knelt down, and smooched her on the forehead, oh, about a dozen times, and then maybe about a dozen times more.


At that point, the lady sitting in a wheelchair next to her, looked over at me, and said, 'Ya wanna spread that around a little?' And I thought to myself, why do women have to be living in a nursing home before they take such a helpful, cooperative attitude?

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