Thursday, December 3, 2009

Victoria (Sirker's) Secret

When I was stationed at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, one of my Navy shipmates was a gal named Victoria Sirker. She was nice, she was smart, and she was *very* nicely proportioned. (Filled out her uniform quite well :)

One day, I had just taken a seat on the shuttle bus that ran from the classrooms at the bottom end of the DLI up the long, steep slope to the Navy barracks, when Victoria climbed in, carrying a large grocery bag. I offered her my seat, which she accepted. When I looked down, I could not help but notice that Victoria had done some serious shopping- that bag was filled to the limit with just about every snack food the PX had to offer.

Aware of my gaze, Victoria said, "Uh-uh-uh, Kent! I see you peeking at my goodies!"

In a moment of pure inspiration, I replied, "Yes, and I've checking out your *groceries* too!"

Among many other fine qualities, Ms. Sirker had a sense of humor- she cracked up.


lordship said...

Victoria was a smart gal, she got in a little trouble in San Vito Italy in the Navy in 1983. Not sure where life took her after that. She was one of the first CTI personnel I ever met.

olivia ben said...


i am Victoria's sirker. bi googled her name and found this blog. It is so sweet and funny. It captures her so well and she was beayriful and had a great sense of humor. She passed away in 1997 leaving a wonderful son. Thanks for posting this. I google it once in a while to remember her.

thanks so much mitchell.

olivia ben said...

sorry about the above. I am Victoria's sister. sorry about all the typos above!

Larry O'Heron said...

While at Monterey, Victoria and I And several others got our .45 cal quals up in S.F. one day. It was a fun road trip.

Dave said...

Victoria worked for me at Sinop in 1982. She was a really hard worker and always fun and professional. I'm sorry to hear of her passing.

Sylvia Hermann said...

I served with Victoria at DLI and Goodfellow, AFB. She was beautiful, funny, smart and sassy, and my friend. I recently found some pictures and letters, and wanted to look her up. I am deeply saddened to learn that she passed away, and at such a young age. I would love to share these pictures with her family and friends. Please contact me via Facebook: Sylvia Hermann.

Kar Sir said...

Thanks everyone for your remembrances. Sylvia, thanks for your post. Your can contact me on facebook: Karen Sirker. I tried to find you on facebook but there are many people with your name.