Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another "Daycare Defector"

One of my dearest friends is an extraordinarily sweet-natured woman named Barbara who has three children who are currently either in college, or have graduated. I remember watching her play with her children years ago and thinking about how lucky those children are to have such a wonderful mother. Over the years, that impression has only grown stronger. (A few years ago, she took in one of her nephews, who was in his late teens, another testament to the goodness of her heart.) I was impressed with her as a mother to begin with, but all the more so when I learned that she operates a daycare center, caring for between five and eleven preschoolers. (My collaborator just said that isn’t so bad if you have the right cages.)

Barbara is the only woman I’ve ever met who *might* be accused of being too good a mother. She occasionally unintentionally embarrasses other mothers. I recently learned that a three-year-old child, after having completed a stint at Miss Barbara’s Daycare, ran away from home. The kid ran to Miss Barbara’s home. This is *not* the first time such a thing has happened. (A couple of years ago, different 3 year old, same destination) I’m not entirely sure whether this indicates that the child’s birth parents should take a good, long look at themselves, or that this is another indication that Miss Barbara is Supermom, or both.

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