Monday, May 16, 2011

The Entirely Apocryphal Story of the Queen Lady Di, the Ring, and the Rolls

Over the years, I’ve learned from my English friends that while you don’t ever tell any nasty jokes about the Queen, Lady Diana and Prince Phillip are a different story. Prince Phillip had a career in the Royal Navy, which was a much better job for him than being a royal diplomat. He has a half-century record of making some pretty spectacular gaffes. The (entirely apocryphal) story goes that the Queen and Lady Di go out for a drive in their Rolls when a highwayman jumps in their path and demands their valuables. At this point, Lady Di says “Do you really think we’d be out at night wearing our jewelry?” At this point the highwayman curses his luck and consoles himself by driving off with the Rolls. As Her Majesty and Lady Di walk back to Buckingham Palace, The Queen notices that Di is in fact wearing The Sapphire Ring on her finger. The Queen asks how Di managed to hide it, and Di says “I just popped it into my mouth.” Queen says, “Pity the Duke of Edinburgh couldn’t be here. Then we could have saved the Rolls-Royce”

P.S. There is another version of this joke featuring Princess Margaret which isn’t half as nice.

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