Friday, December 6, 2013

Archie Griffin

For the benefit of Britains who want to know who occupies a place in American hearts analogous to the British royals: a very few actors, a very few coaches and very few athletes.  In Columbus, Ohio, Archie Griffin is generally regarded as slightly less than a god and a great deal more than a mere mortal.  This is partially because he is the only football player in history to be a two-time winner of the Heisman trophy (awarded each year to America’s top college football player).  Archie has spent the 40 years since his college playing days playing in the NFL, serving as Ohio State’s Assistant Athletic Director, heading OSU’s Alumni Association, and making himself available for every charitable event held in the Buckeye state.  His good name is such that both political parties have approached him to run for governor.  Forgive my warped sense of humor; I think it would hilarious if he took both of them up on that offer.  That way there could be an election night announcement that after hours of Archie Griffin the Republican and Archie Griffin the democrat running neck-in-neck, there would be a surprise winner of Archie Griffin as a write in candidate.  

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