Friday, December 6, 2013

Christine Marzano

While watching the film “7 Psychopaths” (which I recommend to anyone who doesn’t have an issue with some pretty extreme violence), one of the subplots was a group of guys trying to compose a story about a Vietnamese soldier whose family was massacred at
Mai Lai and who, years later, plans to attend a reunion of the unit of the men who killed his family and exact a horrible revenge.  In the first draft of the story we see the Vietnamese soldier making his preparations in a hotel room as he says a prayer for vengeance a very nice looking blonde, wearing only bright red panties, steps out of the bathroom, asked what language he was speaking and when he says, “Vietnamese,” says something to the effect of “Wasn’t there a war there or something?” Later in the movie, we see the author wrestling with rewriting the story and, once again, we see the same young woman stepping out of the bathroom making another bimboesque comment.  At this point, I experienced mixed feeling.  I thought to myself “That is a very fine-looking, well-proportioned young lady and she could come over to my place and go skinny dipping any time.”  For those who point out I do not have a pool, I would say, “For her, I’d put one in.”  At the same time, I felt genuinely sorry for the young woman who gets to do two (literal) walk-on appearances in a film wearing next to nothing and sounding quite intellectually challenged.  I truly felt sorry for this actress.  Ah, but there is a plot twist.  Toward the very end of the film, another character rewrites the scene and as the middle-aged Vietnamese lawyer is about to set off a suicide bomb killing himself in the midst of a group of American Vietnam veterans, a voice in Vietnamese speaks up and we read from the subtitles that she is saying, “Stay your hand, brother.”  Once again we see the same young blonde actress.  This time, though, they at least gave her a crimson dress to wear and the narrator explains that she studied Vietnamese at Yale. (Obviously,
she is a babelicious brainiac.)  And the tormented soul manages to find a measure of peace.  I was so intrigued by that plot twist that I actually looked up the actress who got stuck with playing the role of the “hooker.”  Her name is Christine Marzano and I learned, much to my amusement, she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Princeton.  This leaves my Aspergian brain to ask the question, “If she went to Princeton, and her character went to Yale, why is she wearing Harvard colors?”  I actually posted that question on Ms. Marzono’s Facebook page, but have not yet received an answer.

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