Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Ken Osmond Comeback?

No, I am *not* referring to an unknown member of the famous singing family from Utah. Rather, I am referring to Theodore Cleaver's nemesis on "Leave It to Beaver"- a total suck-up around parents and a total troublemaker amongst his peers. In real life, after 6 years of playing America's favorite juvenile sociopath, Ken Osmond found himself type-cast and unemployable as an actor. So, at the age of 26, he joined the Los Angeles Police Department.

One of the highlights of his days in blue was the time that a rumor circulated that Osmond had adopted the name John Holmes and was doing porn. When a theatre owner put "Ken Osmond” in "Behind the Green Door" on his marquee, Osmond told the proprietor that if he didn't take down that sign, he would be hearing from Osmond's lawyer very soon.

Osmond wore a badge for 18 years until 1988, when a suspect shot 3 times- Osmond's Kevlar vest stopped two bullets, the 3rd glanced off his belt buckle. In any event, Osmond got to retire on a partial disability pension.

Am I the only person who thinks it is a low down dirty rotten shame that Ken Osmond does not have his own TV show: "Eddie Haskell, LAPD", a detective specializing in tracking down rogue child stars? (Danny Bonaduce could play his nemesis).

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