Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hollywood Riddle

In 1970, there was a movie that earned Golden Globe nominations for both the male and female leads, as well as an Oscar nomination for the male lead. Surprisingly, the actor playing the title role in that film did not speak a single word and never appeared in another film. Can anyone name him? (I see that I have my collaborator stumped.)

The film was The Great White Hope, starring James Earl Jones and Jane Alexander. Jim Beattie played the kid who ultimately defeats Jones’ character to become Heavyweight Champion of the World. In real life, Jim Beattie had been a much-hyped, but only moderately talented, heavyweight boxer. (At 6’9”, he was an impressive-looking guy, similar to Jess Willard.) So after failing at being the Great White Hope in real life, he managed to play one on the screen.

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