Friday, August 27, 2010

Naomi Campbell and a Box of Rocks

A friend recently e-mailed me to point out that few people outside the business can recognize uncut diamonds and that Ms. Campbell probably had to forgo a lucrative modeling assignment. True on both counts. However, while I would not expect Ms. Campbell to identify uncut diamonds on the beach, seeing as how unidentified parties delivered "dirty pebbles" to her hotel room, after she met with a group of African leaders, she had to be dumber than a box of rocks to not at least take those stones to a jeweler.
Furthermore, since I make a living subpoenaing people to court who are none to happy about missing a day of work, I have NO patience *what*so*ever* with a supermodel who is a millionaire dozens of times over, who doesn't care to testify in, not a murder case, but a *mass* murder case. Furthermore, from the testimony of other witnesses, it is quite clear to me that Ms. Campbell repeatedly perjured herself, and she should go to prison for a great many years, though sadly, she won't. Naomi Campbell is not just stupid, she is *evil.*

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