Friday, August 27, 2010

A True Lakota/ Jewish Joke

Back in 1985, I read in the London Times, that a Jewish lady had married a member of the Lakota tribe and they had a son. Thirteen years later, he had his Bar Mitzvah ceremony the same day as he had a Lakota ceremony recognizing him as a man of the tribe. (How they found a rabbi in South Dakota is an interesting question). I considered this for a moment and then gave the news to a law school classmate named Trudell Guerue, who is something like 15/16 Lakota. (He says that both of the extreme ends of his alimentary canal is French and everything else is Sioux.) I then added, "Things are gonna be rough for that kid"
"Because for the rest of his life, people are going to be telling him, 'That's don't *look* Siouxish!'"

Then of course, there was the Black fellow who married a Japanese lady. Every December 7th, their children would invade Pearl Bailey.

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