Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reaction Time on Kossuth Road

Since I’m a pretty law abiding sort, I have rarely had occasion to call the Columbus police department. On the few occasions that I have, I frequently start to get irritated after about 5 min if I don’t see a cruiser. All things considered, it’s usually a 10 or 15-minute wait to file a report. Last week, I visited a potential client on the 700 block of Kossuth road on the south side of Columbus. The client told me that he had received a threatening phone call from his ex-girlfriend the previous night. I told him to immediately file a police report. It was shortly before 8:45 pm. An hour later we still hadn’t seen a cruiser and I called the CPD a second time. They told me they had the call in their system, but that there were many more critical calls than ours keeping the cops in the precinct occupied. A bit more than 40 minutes after that, I drove to the headquarters on Marconi Ave and spoke to the two cops on duty there. They actually showed me that they had a record of my call, only it was a green call and there was at least one red call and several dozen blue calls still ahead of it. I later heard that CPD managed to get a cruiser to Kossuth before midnight, after a 3-hour wait. My response is that we need more cruisers and police in that part of town because there are some extremely ill-behaved people in that precinct.

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