Thursday, September 9, 2010

Willi and Nikki and. . . Turnips

It sometimes boggles my mind that a hundred years ago, almost the entire world was ruled by grandsons of Queen Victoria. Wilhelm II, the Emperor of Germany was Victoria’s eldest grandson, and Nicholas II the Czar of Russia was married to one of Victoria’s granddaughters. In amongst Wilhelm’s papers, historians found a comment from Wilhelm about his Russian relatives. In 1914, the two monarchs exchanged telegrams to one another in English, signing them Willi and Nikki. Unfortunately, they couldn’t reach an agreement, and the apocalypse followed. Amongst Willi’s papers, historians found a comment that all Nikki was fit for was to live in a large house and raise turnips.

All things considered that’s quite an accurate description as well as an uncanny self-portrait.

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