Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Nature of Our Enemies

In the final month of WWII, when Allied troops liberated Nazi concentration camps, General Eisenhower commented that while he'd been at times concerned that American soldiers might not be clear on what they were fighting *for*, at least now they could be clear about what they were fighting *against*.

I thought of Eisenhower's words in recent days when I read news accounts from Afghanistan, that some Taliban members had sprayed acid in a young girl's face to terrorize her classmates from attending school.

I will *never* argue that American service members are angels- hell, we've got a few guys serving time at Leavenworth who richly deserve to spend the rest of their lives there. Having said that, I think it's clear that what is going on in Afghanistan represents a conflict between two completely irreconciliable philosophies of civilization (the 7th century versus the 21st) and I have absolutely *no* patience *what*so*ever* with the kind of moral relativism shown by some members of the media (most egregious by Helen Thomas with her "so-called terrorists" remark, and "both sides do terrible things" B.S.).

"How ill white hairs become a fool." Thank you, Prince Hal.

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