Sunday, May 3, 2009

New York Times 5/21/1975

When I lived in Alaska, my father would always send me clippings from the Sunday New York Times editorial page whenever those those great, infallible saints of journalism opined about how Alaska should be governed. I would receive the clippings on Thursday. I finally told Dad that the Anchorage Daily News *always* reprinted those NYT columns on Monday under the heading of "look at what those idiots are saying now..."

Granted, the NYT *used* to have a great reputation- in the *first* half of the last century. In the past sixty years- not so much. While I do not much care for Ann Coulter, she once opined that while she hopes America does not get hit by another 9/11 style attack, if it happens, she hopes it will level The New York Times building- when the cleaning staff is out of the building. A stopped clock is right twice a day.

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