Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lieutenant Eileen Finkel Hering, USMC

When I was at Fort Meade, I got to know a young woman Marine officer named Eileen Finkel, who I thought was an impressive young lady. She was smart, 5’11” and athletic as all get-out. I understand that she ran three or four miles a day and did serious time in the weight room. Furthermore, anyone who paid attention to detail could not help but notice that she had earned marksmanship badges, having qualified as expert with the automatic pistol and M-16. I think it would be fair to say I had a very polite crush on her. She got married to another Marine officer named Hering. As a wedding present, my dear friend Sue Miller and I purchased a couple of yards of camouflage material, some black lace and Sue was resourceful enough to sew it into a nightgown.

Before I left Fort Mead in June of 1984, I did give Lieutenant Hering a poem I had composed in her honor. (Predicting that, if she ever got into combat, she would be the first Marine officer to win the Congressional Medal of Honor.)

Lieutenant Eileen Finkel Hering
In combat proved bold, brave and daring
She took direct hits
In both of her tits;
But she was unharmed due to the Kevlar brassiere she was wearing.

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