Monday, June 21, 2010

Doug Dougherty’s Dutiful Defense

Doug Dougherty is one of the finest lawyers and people I’ve ever known. He and I go way back to Miss Rickner’s morning Kindergarten at Barrington Road Elementary School in September of 1960, back when Dwight D. Eisenhower was President.

Doug’s practice is primarily in domestic relations law. He has made a career of keeping his head while all about him are losing theirs. I believe that he is the epitome of the reasonable men and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs divorce counsel. For anyone interested, you can go to YouTube and search for him to witness him arguing and winning a case before the Ohio Supreme Court. Way to go, Doug!

Several years ago, he was assigned to represent a man accused of rape. His client professed his innocence; Doug told me he wasn’t sure about his client’s claim, but as a professional, he did a bang-up job. (As Doug has always done.) Ultimately, his client was acquitted. Five years later, he got a call from his former client, who said, “Mr. Dougherty, you did such a great job of representing me; I’ve got another trumped-up rape charge against me, and I’d like you to represent me again.” Doug replied, “I’m not interested.”

In closing, have I mentioned that I admire Doug both as a lawyer and as a human being?

Here is a link to a video of Doug arguing a case before the Ohio Supreme Court for those who are curious to see a great lawyer in action:

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