Monday, June 21, 2010


Years ago, while teaching onboard a US Navy ship, I met aRoyal Navy officer to whom I commented after reading his name tag, “There are an awful lot of people looking for you, sir.”

He replied, “Yes, I hear that quite a bit.”

He was Lieutenant Commander Truelove.

Last year, I met a foster mother who I told she had the perfect name for a child who just about everyone would love. Her moniker? “Chocolate Jones.” Very few people don’t like chocolate.

Earlier today, I think I reached coincidences of Guinness proportions. Some history buffs might recall that one of the founders of Time Magazine was Henry Luce. His widow was the playwright Claire Booth Luce. Earlier today, I became assigned counsel to Miss Bobby Luce. I’m happy to report that Miss Luce does have a sense of humor about the fact that an awful lot of guys are on the lookout for a loose woman.

I was also stunned at the coincidence (especially after my birthday message to Her Majesty) that for the first time in my legal career, I am representing a royal: Miss Barbara Royal. I learned that the children involved in his case are named Jerhon Bird, Tiana Bird and Auhryia and Denzel Ferguson. (To my English readers, I ask: what are the odds that I would get a case involving not only a royal, but not one but TWO Fergies?) What I’ve related is all in the public record. If I don’t keep a sense of humor, I would surely cry.

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Anonymous said...

"Chocolate Jones" sounds like someone's stripper name!