Monday, July 12, 2010

A Client's Priorities

Last week, I met with a client at the courthouse to get him a Stalking Order against his ex-girlfriend. When he arrived, I told him that while I like basketball as much as the next guy, I thought that a basketball jersey that did not cover his armpits was not appropriate courtroom garb. I noticed that he had tattoos on both arms from wrist to shoulder, and asked him exactly how many tats he had. His reply was "Fifteen". (If he had any more that were not immediately visible, I certainly did not ask to see them.) OK, some people like to buy tattoos; other people like to buy shirts with sleeves. At least, when he was in front of the magistrate, he did not point at the ceiling. And, yes, Her Honor did admonish him about his attire. Of course, seeing as how the Respondent (his ex) was chewing gum in the courtroom, and got a very stern lecture about being rude to the court staff, my client didn't look all that bad by comparison.

Hmmm... maybe if I get him a Protection Order, he'll have a copy of my business card tattooed on his forehead--I could use the referrals...

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