Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why I Like Mike (Singletary)

The current coach of the San Francisco 49er’s, Mike Singletary, made quite a name for himself playing middle linebacker in the 80’s for the Chicago Bears. I suspect that there are a great many retired quarterbacks and running backs who wake up screaming from nightmares of the physical punishment he could mete out on the football field. My favorite story about Mike Singletary however, is an incident that took place the morning of the 1986 NFC Championship game. It was a bitter cold Sunday morning in Chicago when the team assembled on the street outside their hotel to catch the bus to Soldier Field. Singletary spotted a young boy barely into his teens selling newspapers on the street corner. He walked up to the young lad and asked how many papers he had. When the boy replied “Fifty,” Singletary handed him a $50 bill and said, “Kid, go home and study.” He then handed out the papers to his teammates and coaches.

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