Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stephen Foster Goes Way Down

I first met Steven Foster while he was serving a stretch in an Ohio prison. He’d been there before and he’s been there since. He is one of the few inmates I’ve ever known who I think could have real potential for success in Hollywood. It’s not that he’s trained as an actor, it’s just that seeing as how Steve is about 6’7” and weighs somewhere around 300 pounds with a shaven head, I think he could make a good living playing heavies in prison movies as an enforcer for the Aryan Brotherhood. Despite his far-from-sterling record, I will say in Stevie’s defense that despite his menacing appearance, as far as I know, he has never done any physical harm to anyone. What harm he’s done to himself and his family due to his predilection for illegal substances, I can’t say.

Several years ago, he was seriously injured while serving time in the Delaware County Jail. I don’t know all of the circumstances but I do know that here in America, even guys doing life on the installment plan are entitled to the protection of the law, and Steve managed to win a judgment against the County for, I believe, $150,000. This was a source of great delight to the lawyer who represented Mr. Foster on a contingency fee basis. Stevie certainly enjoyed his big payday. I’ve heard it took him an entire month to go through it. (I do not want to know what he spent it on. ) I was once at a sentencing conference representing Steven when the visiting judge commented, “Steven Foster? He should’ve stayed in his Old Kentucky Home.” I replied, “I’ve got you beat, your Honor, I say he should’ve stayed Way Down Upon the Sewanee River.”

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