Friday, November 28, 2008

Goldwater Goes Golfing

Barry Morris Goldwater served thirty years in the United States Senate and was the Republican nominee for President in 1964. People with a solid knowledge of history and a sense of irony will tell you that it is a good thing that he lost in a landslide- otherwise, the United States would have become involved in a war in Viet Nam.

His vice-president running mate that year was Congressman William Miller of New York. His son, William Miller Jr. was a classmate of mine (2 years behind me) at Notre Dame Law School, and my upstairs neighbor. (And yes, his sister Stephanie Miller is a left-wing radio personality.)

Senator Goldater accomplished a great deal in his life (He was one of the founders of the Air National Guard, and retired as a Major General) He also managed to keep a sense of humor. Goldwater's father as born Jewish, but became an Episcopalian when he married. (So Senator Goldwater was Episcopalian, but he was eligible for Israeli citizenship, and would have been in a world of hurt if the Nazis had won WWII- almost all his cousins died in the Holacaust.) One time a friend took Goldwater golfing at a 'restricted' club (this as *many* years ago) so Goldater asked the manager, "I'm only half-Jewish. Is it OK if I play nine holes?"

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