Friday, November 28, 2008

Sir Michael Jackson

Several years ago, , I read that Michael Jackson, "the king of pop", tried to divert attention from some the charges against him by buying himself a knighthood. Apparently, his advisors convinced him that if he made a eight figure donation to the right charity, he'd get an invite to Buckingham Palace, and get to listen to people calling him "Sir Michael". What was *completely* beyond the pale was that he wanted recognition for his "Contributions to Children" Nope...I'm not even gonna go there. Apparently the people in charge of putting together the Queen's Honors' List decided that they weren't buying any. (Maybe they told him, "Hit the Road, Jacko, and Don't You Come Backo, No Mo', No Mo', No Mo', No Mo'!") Yes, kudos, congratulations, and thre cheers, and three cheers more, for Buckingham Palace. They will NOT sell respectability and prestige to some creepy pedophile- even if he is (or *was*) a billioniare.

(I'm sure that came as *really* bad news for Gary Glitter!)

Anyhow, imagine my momentary shock, surprise, and *horror* when I read recently that Michael Jackson had received a knighthood. Imagine my relief a few seconds later that the new Sir Michael, was *Lieutenant* *General* Michael Jackson, who had just retired after an outstanding career with the British Army. ooooohh...that's *different*! Never mind! (And Congratulations, General Jackson!)

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