Sunday, April 5, 2009

Captain Sven Svenson

Today is a good time to remember the extraordinary feats of Captain Sven Svenson, Norway's greatest fighter pilot. I once saw him on the BBC, describing how he won the Victoria Cross flying his Spitfire during World War II. He said, "Vell, I was up there flyin' in mah plane...I look to mah left and i see dis German fokker...and behind him is another German Fokker....and then der is anudder German Fokker...I vas *surrounded by dese German Fokkers!"

At this point, the interviewer broke in to inform the audience that during the war there was a German aircraft called the Fokker, that's F-o-k-k-e-r."

To which Captain Svenson replied, "Ja, but *zese* Fokkers vas *Messersmits*!'

A real German Fokker

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