Sunday, April 5, 2009

North Korea

Well, North Korea has just test-fired an ICBM that flew over Japan and Japan has just called for a special session of the United Nations.

Just wondering: does *ANYBODY* think that the United Nations is going to accomplish ANYTHING?!?! I remember listening to the UN debates after the Six-Day War in 1967, when I was on summer break, having finished sixth grade- I was not yet 12 years old. Clear back then I concluded that the UN was complete BS, and that it was as useful as you-know-whats on a bull. Nothing has happened in the past 41 years to change my mind.

If it was my call, I would advise the President to call a special session of Congress and request the authorization to force N. Korea to disarm- by *any* *means* *necessary*. We are facing a very bad situation- and if Kim Jung-il stays in power, it can get a *WHOLE* *LOT* *WORSE*. I'd remind Mr. Kim of a quote from Mao, a matching of pearls is a game between two sea dragons- it is no contest between a sea dragon and a beggar. (I'd also ask Hugh Hefner to give KJI a room at the Playboy mansion to give him an easy way out.)

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