Sunday, April 12, 2009

American Football; English Hotels

The Americans and the English...two people divided by a common language.

Back in 1978, Woody Hayes, Ohio State's legendary football coach, had his career come to a very sad end when he hit a player on the opposing team. Just a few weeks later, Arizona State's football coach, Frank Kush, got fired after it came out that he'd hit one of his own players. While I do not defend their actions (both men quite correctly got sacked) to hear *some* commentators tell it, this was a sure sign that the Apocolypse was upon us.

In the midst of the hulabalo one American football coach decided that he needed to take a nice, restful vacation, and he decided that he wanted to go someplace where nobody knew or cared about American college football, so he got on a flight to London, England. When he got to his hotel, he was positively *aghast* when he saw a huge sign that read "NO FOOTBALL COACHES ALLOWED!

(In the UK, buses are sometimes of refered to as 'coaches', and busloads of English football have a reputation for being quite unruly)

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