Friday, November 8, 2013

Moshe Dayan's Parrot

The (entirely fictional) story goes that after the '67 war, Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Dayan, came up with a bit of psychological warfare to mess with Egyptian President Nasser, using a talking parrot. One day, while Nasser was sitting at his desk, the parrot flew in his office window, defecated on Nasser's head, squawked "RAAAAWK! Moshe Dayan says, ‘F*** you,'" and flew out the window.

The next day, Nasser had all his air defense generals in for a conference, and was demanding to know how a parrot got past all their radars...when the parrot flies through the window, defecates on Nasser's head, squawks, "RAAAAWK! Moshe Dayan says, 'F*** you!'" and then flies out the window.

The next day, the Egyptians had set up an ambush. When the parrot flew in the window, Egyptian generals slammed the window and set about catching the parrot. Four and a half hours later, after suffering some very heavy casualties, they captured the parrot and cut his tongue out, and President Nasser shouts, "OK, what have you got to say now, you damn parrot?"

The parrot squawks, "RAAAWK" (at this point in telling the story, place your left palm over your left eye, raise your right hand, and extend your middle digit).

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