Monday, November 4, 2013

Taunting Gisele Bϋndchen

Football fans may know that the New England Patriots lost the 2012 super bowl and, for reasons known best to themselves, some fans of the winners, the New York Giants, saw the wife of New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady — the resilient super model, Gisele Bϋndchen — and proceeded to taunt her about her husband’s team losing.

Personally, I think taunting the fans of a losing team is a very unsportsmanlike thing to do and I would especially not taunt Gisele Bϋndchen.  (I would be much more inclined to ask her to introduce me to her twin sister, Patricia.) Furthermore, I think it is a very bad idea to taunt somebody who makes 30 million dollars a year.  I would be afraid that I would someday get run down by a Brinks truck or crushed under a pile of gold ingots or, most horribly, devoured by a pack of 900 starving chinchillas. Post script to this story is, apparently Ms. Bϋndchen lost her temper at her tormentors and yelled something to the effect of her husband couldn't get his team to win if his teammates kept dropping his passes.   Seeing as how Tom Brady passed for 266 yards and 2 touchdowns, I would say his receivers did quite well.

Am I the only person who thinks that SNL missed out on an opportunity for a great skit in which three of Brady’s Patriot teammates could give an editorial reply?  After all, if she’s going to criticize how they do their jobs, why can’t they criticize how she does hers (remember she’s a super model)?  

I could hear it now: “Gisele, girlfriend, do you really think those shoes go with that purse?”

“Gisele, where did you get those earrings, out of a Cracker Jack box?”

And finally, “Lady, who does your make-up, Bozo the Clown?”

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