Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Irony of Jon Thomas Freeman

As my readers are no doubt aware, I often find irony in the names of some of the parties in the cases I handle. I’m currently serving as guardian ad litum for the daughter of a man named Jon Thomas Freeman. This individual had several ironies in his name. First Mr. Freeman is not a free man. He is doing an 18-month stretch at Southeastern Correctional near Lancaster, Ohio. This is not his first time living in government housing. As my British correspondents can understand, Mr. Freeman is in the habit of acting like a total John Thomas. For my readers knowledgeable of Yiddish, I put it slightly differently: Mr. F is a schmuck, a putz, and a total no-goodnik to boot.

This is a relatively happy story in that Mr. F’s mother has stepped up to the plate and is doing a very fine job of caring for his nine-month-old baby girl. I haven’t met Mr. Freeman, since he’s currently serving time on a theft charge. If I ever do I’ll be very tempted to ask him exactly what was so tempting to steal that he gave up the chance to be around for the first year and a half of his beautiful daughter’s life.

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