Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reggie Jackson and the Queen

Anyone who has seen the 1988 Leslie Neilson movie The Naked Gun will recall the plot, a comic variation on The Manchurian Candidate: an assassin is programmed through post-hypnotic suggestion to carry out an assassination. In the film, the assassin’s target was “the Queen”. Although the queen’s country was not specified, seeing as how she’s a lady of a certain age with interesting taste in hats, the implication was pretty obvious. The films “assassin” was none other than baseball great Reggie Jackson, who is supposed to perform the assassination in the middle of a baseball game.

Ironically enough, when Queen Elizabeth visited the States in 1991, she did attend an American baseball game, and Reggie Jackson was a coach on one of the teams. Before the game, Mr. Jackson told his players there were to be absolutely, positively no mention whatsoever of the fictional cinematic assassination attempt. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks to being a monarch: you miss out on a lot of good laughs.

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