Saturday, April 30, 2011

Johnnie Gibson’s First Case

Johnnie Mae Gibson was the first woman to serve as a special agent in the FBI. She did quite well on her first case. She was assigned to a task force tracking down a bank robber who happened to be a very bad actor and who happened to be black. The FBI knew the identity of the robber’s girlfriend, and some very fine agents had questioned her, but she had adamantly refused to cooperate. Agent Gibson looked through all the interrogation transcripts and noticed at one point the girlfriend had made some statement to the effect of, “I don’t care what you say, I’m not giving up my honey-bunny!” or some other term of endearment.

At that point, a metaphorical light bulb went off in Agent Gibson’s head. She dressed herself up to look like a gangster’s girlfriend, stomped into the girlfriend’s workplace and demanded to know, “Where is she?” Upon meeting the girlfriend, she sneered, “I bet he calls you honey-bunny too.” Approximately two minutes later, the girlfriend was on an (FBI-tapped) phone shouting at her boyfriend the bank robber, and by the close of the day, the FBI had wrapped up a multi-year investigation. That bank robber then spent the next 50 years of his life ruing the fact that hell hath no fury like a woman who thinks she’s been scorned. I wonder if he was calling her honey-bunny when he got out? Kinda doubt it.

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i once repressented a client who regulally hospitalised his parter. She only took umbridge when she thought that he was beating another woman